LinkedIn Profile Health Check: Is your profile an asset or a liability?
An online tool to help you analyse your profile. A profile should rank you high in search engine results and helps you to attract new clients, prospects and business opportunities
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Do you have a professional photo and a custom background banner on your profile? *

Is your headline your job title or does it convey the value you offer to your target audience? *

Have you completed all of your contact information on your profile? *

Do your Summary and Current Experience work together to convey the value you deliver and do they speak directly to your target audience? *

Recommendations - Do you have at least three recommendations from clients on your profile? *

Do you have a 'cube of skills' and are these the skills that your customers rate you on? *

Have you added Interests and Advice for Contacting to your profile?

Have you joined over 50 Groups and do you know how to use these to drive your online networking?

Do you have a connection strategy and do you know how to build rapport, trust and credibility without being connected?

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